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Ayeni Mary – Trust The Lord

Ayeni Mary is out with another powerful and anointed song titled TRUST THE LORD.

Trust the Lord is a song that encourages believers to trust in the power, might and possibilities of God despite delays, hardship and disappointments; He has promised and He surely will fulfil it! “For all the promises of God are yea, and in Him Amen, unto the glory of God by us”

In her words “It pays to trust the Lord, His thoughts for us are always good”

Download, Listen be blessed and share this song so others can be blessed too!

God bless you!

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  1. Adebayo S.S.

    This is lovely. Please I need the lyrics

    1. Godstarz

      Thank you. Find below the lyrics of the song

      All that glitters is not gold
      For every action there are consequence untold
      There’s a way that seems right
      For the end is
      The way of death
      Seek the Lord in prayer
      Look to the hill
      Your help will surely come
      Trust in the Lord he’ll see you through

      VERSE 2
      There are wolves in skin of sheep’s
      Only God knows the secret of our heart
      Don’t make your choice
      Based on what you see
      Work by faith
      Your night turn to day
      The Lord will guide you
      Safely till the end
      Trust in the Lord he’ll see through

      VERSE 3
      If only I’ve trusted in your plans for me
      Not moved by what I see
      As the righteous and the upright
      My end would be Peace
      My path will shine like the sun
      But lean on my own understanding
      Allowed my flesh to take the lead
      My decision now caused me
      Regret and pain
      I’m a criminal

      It pays to trust in the Lord
      It pays to trust in his word
      He’s thought for use are good and not evil
      It pays to trust in the Lord

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