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Fade Away – Limoblaze x Dena Mwana (Video)

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Fade Away is one single that was highly anticipated by Limoblaze’s fanbase;

This new single has multiple languages embedded in it as it has a mixture of English, Lingala, French and Pidgin-English all in one. The collaboration between Limoblaze and Dena Mwana has led to the release of this three-minute masterpiece.

The new single “Fade Away” has a unique message it preaches which is that every other name aside from the name of Jesus should fade away “Let every other name Fade Away, Fade Away”. The song also speaks about the assurance we have in Christ “…cos if you dey with me, omo e go sure for me and if you move with me, everything go clear road for me”.

Limoblaze, who is known for always preaching the love of Jesus through his music, did not fail to remind us of God’s precious love through the lyrics of this song “There’s no better love than you give me, I don do you wrong yet you choose me”

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